Pensions Consultancy

As an employer, you may wish to provide your employees with pension benefits.

We specialise in designing and managing pension plans for companies and have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in this area to enable you to provide a comprehensive pension package that will attract and retain employees.

As independent advisors, Acumen & Trust are free to advise on the most suitable structure, insurance company and Investment manager to provide the platform for your pension arrangements, whether it be Defined Contribution, PRSA or Defined Benefit. We select the most appropriate providers based on a number of criteria including:

  • Flexibility of the structure to meet the employer’s needs.
  • The investment offer, default investment strategy and fund performance.
  • Fund management fees and administration and policy fees to ensure you are getting best value.
  • The accuracy and efficiency of their administration.
  • Online access for employer and employees.

We constantly survey the market to identify the best fund performance track records, the most competitively priced charging structures and legislative developments within the pensions market.  Following a review of your objectives and employee needs, we will recommend an appropriate employee benefits plan.

Pension Services

We provide a comprehensive service from the establishment & management of schemes through to independent reviews of existing schemes including:

  1. Meetings with employers to agree on scheme design.
  2. Recommending the most suitable administration structure, insurer and investment manager.
  3. Group presentation to introduce benefits to employees.
  4. Advice to existing members on fund choice & retirement options.
  5. Individual consultations to prospective joiners to discuss fund selection, retirement options and any previous pensions which they might hold.
  6. Ensuring the accurate administration of the scheme.
  7. Review of fund manager performance.
  8. Monitor regularly and advise action where appropriate.

We can also offer your employees personalised advice on a one-to-one basis on any aspect of their personal finances. Also if any are approaching retirement, we can also advise on how best to achieve maximum value from their pension plan.

Advice for Employees

We want to ensure that your employees have a clear understanding of the Employee Benefits package that you are providing for them, what the benefits are and the responsibilities they have in relation to their pension planning. Our process ensures that your employees’ needs are at the heart of the advice that we give and that it is tailored to their specific circumstances.

We conduct annual reviews with regular communications to reassess your employees’ pension planning strategy to ensure it is aligned with their needs and adapts to their circumstances as required. We also provide online access and resources so they can review their pension plan at any time.

We recognise that how people conduct and manage their financial affairs has evolved rapidly aided by advancements in technology. We also recognise that scheme members wish to access information in a means and at a time convenient to them and in a format that is easy for them to understand. However access to quality advice is important to help make sense of the information. This led us to introduce online tools empowering scheme members to take control of their pension planning as follows:

PENSION CALCULATOR which allows members to calculate the gross & net cost of their contribution. This includes the value of employer contribution and breakdown of the tax relief which members receive. It also incorporates a Pension Projector which gives members an estimate of what they can reasonably expect to receive at retirement (inclusive of state pension) both in future value and in today’s money.

Access to RISK PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE enabling members to assess their personal risk profile and to review their corresponding fund choice at anytime.

For more information our Pensions Consultancy Service, talk to a member of our Employee Benefits Team.