Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance enables your employees to get access to health care faster and to avoid public waiting lists. We know the importance of providing excellent health care cover for your employees, and that’s why we are committed to put the most suitable  plan in place to ensure your employees’ needs are met.  Looking out for your employees is at the heart of what we do, therefore we advise companies to help control health care costs while keeping employees healthy and productive.  We will assess your company needs and then can advise on the range of different plans available in the market, including those with added benefits such as cover for day-to-day medical expenses e.g. doctor or dentist and even a wide range of alternative practitioners.

How we add value

We have a team of qualified health insurance advisers and can add value by providing services to your company including the option of carrying out an independent review of your existing Health Insurance Plan(s) and Plan provider(s).

Each insurer operates a wide range of plan options.  This can make it confusing for companies and individuals alike to decide on the right plan for them.  We are authorised to advise on all providers in the marketplace and can assist you in choosing the most suitable plan(s) for your organisation.

Business can be placed by us with any of the health insurance providers. We add value, for no extra cost by:

  • Assisting in design and delivery of communications to ensure that this benefit is both valued and understood.

  • Providing specific advice and assistance to your employees on:

  • Tax reliefs and tax credits;

  • Waiting Periods; and

  • Claiming a refund on routine medical expenses.

We would be delighted to discuss all of your healthcare needs and find a solution that suits you.  If you have any questions please contact our Employee Risk Benefits Advisor, Jill Maguire.