Pension Investments

Pension contributions are paid over many years so are invested for a long period of time. How those monies are invested, who they are invested with and what happens to the investments as retirement approach will all have a significant impact on the member’s income in retirement.

At Acumen & Trust, we can call on our Investment Management colleagues and many years of experience to manage the investments under each pension plan, From the initial selection of fund manager and fund choice, the adoption of the Default Investment Strategy, negotiations on fees through to the regular review of performance, we help and guide. Newer funds, manager changes and changes in legislation mean that every investment strategy needs to evolve over the years.

Acumen & Trust deals with all asset classes and managers, in Ireland and Internationally. We assist Trustees, Employers and most importantly members navigate their investment needs over time. While there are some strong offerings in the marketplace, Acumen & Trust have developed Acumen Advantage as a fully integrated investment solutions for Defined Contribution plans.

Acumen Advantage

We have developed an investment strategy called Acumen ADVANTAGE, which is an intelligent lifestyle solution to help you and your employees to achieve your retirement goals effectively. Unlike other strategies in the marketplace, we do not assume that a member will invest most of their retirement assets in an annuity. Instead we calculate the likely benefits at retirement based on the member’s unique circumstances and manage their pension investments in a manner that is compatible with their optimum retirement benefits.

Accumulation Phase: This is the start of the “Retirement Roadmap’ whereby a member joins the pension plan and gradually build up the value within their retirement account. The member chooses how they want to invest their retirement account value between 3 funds, a Higher, Medium and Lower risk based fund.

De-risking phase: At this phase there is a gradual move to a more balanced asset mix where growth and volatility management are twin objectives. Whichever path a person has chosen we’ll help them navigate to retirement in the most effective way possible.

Destination phase: From 4 years out to retirement, we calculate the likely retirement benefits and communicate with the member to discuss their options and guide them to their final destination. The retirement account is invested in the Cash Fund and either the ARF or Annuity Fund to retirement. The split between the funds is individually calculated based on each person own circumstances. Target dated funds mean that the manager can gradually change the asset mix as retirement approaches without the member having to take any action.

The process is repeated at each renewal to retirement age, thereby providing guidance to the member on the expected benefits at retirement with the investment strategy to match same.


Member choice

While ACUMEN ADVANTAGE has been designed to provide a model solution for members under the pension, each fund, together with its component funds, is available on a standalone basis for any member who wants to select their own investment strategy.