Financial Planning Portfolio Performance

Financial Planning Portfolio Performance

Acumen Portfolio Performance YTD 2020

* Index = MSCI ACWI Total Return €


Commentary on Portfolio Performance – May 2020

Acumen & Trust’s portfolios continued their steady recovery in May as markets appear to have returned to a more normal rhythm. Equities performed well as investors regained their risk appetite as the potential of a Covid-19 vaccine increased and economies around the world started to slowly reopen. Bonds also registering slight gains as the ECB announced an EU wide recovery plan which would see €750 billion worth of grants and loans become available to the hardest hit countries. Gold rose slightly during the month as central banks continue to increase the money supply and US/China trade tensions come to the fore once again.

The portfolios have also continued to experience more subdued volatility compared to March. As you can see in the above graph, portfolios gradually increased throughout the month without the large day-to-day movements they witnessed earlier in the year.