Promoting Ireland as location for Foreign Direct Investment

Promoting Ireland as location for Foreign Direct Investment

You may have missed the recent feature in the Sunday Business Post about Ireland Gateway to Europe, featuring two of our directors Fionan O’Sullivan and David Robb.  For your convenience, please click on the below to read the full article.

Sunday Business Post 30Apr17

In the article Fionan talks about the need for organisations setting up in Ireland, to think early on about the types of employees they want to hire and to put in place the right Employee Benefits package to attract them.  While, David highlights the differences in personal tax rates in Ireland versus the U.S. which need to be overcome to attract the right talent here.

As you may already know we are part of Ireland Gateway to Europe (IGTE), a not-for-profit collective of Irish service providers who showcase Ireland as Europe’s premier investment location through events in the U.K. and U.S.  We were part of a contingent of over 25 companies who took part in events in London recently to promote Ireland as a place to do business, encouraging Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Ireland.

The IGTE vision is for American and British companies who are seeking to expand into Europe to choose Ireland as their location of choice, and to have the information, trust and contacts to execute their plans.  They get access to an experienced, professional network of service providers through IGTE, which we are proud to be a part of.