Recruiting Financial Planning Consultant

Recruiting Financial Planning Consultant

Have you got what it takes to join our team of financial professionals?  We are currently recruiting for a Financial Planning Consultant, so if you or anyone you know, thinks you’ve got what it takes, then get in touch. Wow us with your CV and cover letter, sending them to as soon as possible to be considered for the position. Full details below.


Financial Planning Consultant (reports to Director Financial Planning)


The primary role of the Financial Planning Consultant is to maintain and develop new business opportunities through the management of a bank of existing clients and the sourcing of new referrals. New Referrals will also be provided via the Acumen & Trust Directors, established networks and via the Acumen & Trust Employee Benefit Consultants.

The Consultant develops strategies to assist clients in managing their financial affairs to meet their life goals. The process of financial planning involves collating all relevant aspects of a client’s situation across a large breadth of financial planning activities.


• Develops opportunities by collecting the required information required to develop a financial plan through the use of Acumen & Trust’s in-house Lifetime Program.
• Analyses the client’s objectives, needs, values and information to prioritise the financial planning components.
• Considers potential opportunities and constraints and assesses information to develop strategies.
• Identifies development potential in new or existing accounts by studying new/ current business, evaluates additional needs, and analyses opportunities. Considers potential opportunities and constraints to develop strategies.
• Maintains relationships with clients by providing support, information and guidance, researching and recommending solutions.
• Work closely with a team of Financial Planners whose role is to prepare appropriate recommendations for sign off. Support is also provided through the findings and directions given via Acumen & Trust’s in-house Investment Research Team.


Qualifications include:
• QFA Qualified
• Degree in Business or working towards CFP Qualification

• 5+ years in consultancy within the financial services industry.


• Is capable of taking the initiative and has well- honed prospecting skills.
• Excels at identifying and converting new customers.
• Excels in cultivating business from existing accounts.
• Acts in the best interest of the client in providing professional services.
• Demonstrates high level of ethical judgement.
• Gives attention to what the client and others are saying and takes time to understand the points being made.
• Applies mathematical methods or formulae as appropriate.
• Analyses and integrates information from a variety of sources to arrive at solutions.
• Uses logic and reasoning to consider the strengths and weaknesses of potential courses of actions. Presents logical and persuasive rationales.
• Arrives at informed decisions when faced with incomplete or inconsistent information.
• Demonstrates capacity to adapt thinking and behaviours.
• Establishes trust in all professional relationships.
• Establishes good rapport with client and others.
• Deals effectively with objectives and complaints.
• Gains agreement with client.
• Has an extensive knowledge of consultancy techniques, products and services.
• Excellent inter-personal skills and very strong at building business relationships.
• Strong analytical and report writing skills allied to keen business acumen.