Recruiting Para-Planner (Financial Planner)

Recruiting Para-Planner (Financial Planner)

We are delighted to be recruiting a Para-Planner to the team.  If you or anyone you know would like to apply for the position, please see full details below.  Please send your CV plus cover letter to as soon as possible to be considered for the position.

The Para-Planner works closely with Financial Planning Consultants in the production of client financial planning reports and recommendations. The consultants provide the para-planner with all relevant details on the client following initial meetings (new clients) or review meetings (existing clients) in the form of a detailed fact-find (with reference to the *Lifetime Program TM), portfolio of current investment and benefits, detailed notes as well as the clients’ key financial planning objectives and specific requirements. This specialist role requires a clear knowledge and understanding of investment products and risk strategies, pension technical knowledge (including revenue rules), protection products (incorporating personal and business covers) compliance regulations and tax implications. The incumbent also requires sufficient skill to actively assist the consultants as required in managing the ongoing customer relationship.

• Formulate effective financial plan documents and/or portfolio risk management documents in-line with the strategy outlined by the consultant and the customer’s needs, objectives and risk tolerance.
• Contribute towards the review of customer portfolio reports in conjunction with changes in customer circumstances and investments and general market movement. Ensure report is accurate and that the investment strategy is meeting customer objectives.
• Develop and maintain relationships with all the consultants.
• Contribute towards customer meetings as requested by the consultant.
• Ensure all research and technical information used by the business in providing advice is up to date and accurate.
• Work closely with the existing financial planners in the dedicated team.

Acumen & Trust has invested much time and resources over the years in establishing a dedicated R&D team which has developed the Lifetime Program (detailed fact-find with supporting future cash-flow and capital projections), Crystal, an investment and pension system (risk profiling tool and recommended portfolios to match our clients’ requirements) all key financial planning tools at the para-planners’ disposal.
A vast library of reports (e.g. Pension, ARF, Investment, Inheritance Tax, Keyman and Shareholder Protection) and recommendations have been maintained over the years, which are a valuable resource for the para-planners. There is also access to a high level of technical support within the overall Financial Planning team.
Money Advice, a dedicated CRM system is used to manage both sales activity and the ongoing management of our clients.

Qualifications and Experience include:
• The Qualified Financial Advisor status and have or be working towards the Certified Financial Planner Status or a Degree in Business, Administration or Finance.
• Strong understanding of industry culture and 3+ years experience working in a financial planning environment.
• 3+ years general report writing experience in financial service industry.

• Ability to assist with the management of the customer relationship, including ability to evaluate customer risk tolerance and understand needs and motivations of customer.
• Thorough understanding of the various products, services and strategies available including legislation and tax implications.
• Demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry.
• Uses specialist knowledge and expertise in addressing business issues in order to add value to the customer experience and company’s performance.
• Report writing and clear written communication skills. The ability to interpret a brief and to present findings in a clear and logical format.
• Competence in customer and policy data systems used in the business.
• Achieves effective outcomes within specified turnaround times.
• Knowledge of regulatory environment.
• Displays a high degree of integrity and ethical behavior. Interacts fairly, honestly and professionally in all business dealings.
• Works cooperatively as part of a team.
• Excellent overall communication abilities.