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We have developed resources to help you to calculate your pension requirements and to understand your attitude to risk.


Most people will spend 20+ years in retirement and it is important to understand if you will have enough money to fund your retirement.

Therefore, we have developed a pension calculator which does two things once you submit some key information:

  1. It will tell you what your pension will be worth when you retire.
  2. It will explain what it will cost you now to save for that pension.

If you do not achieve your target income in retirement at first, you can amend the figures, to see what measures you need to take to address it, to ensure you have enough to cover your requirements.

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Our Risk Profiler allows you to analyse your attitude to investment risk so you can select a suitable fund for your pension investment.  By answering the 8 questions in our risk profile questionnaire, you can determine what your attitude to risk is on a scale of 1-7, so that you can ensure that any investment decisions that you have made or will make are suited to your personal risk profile.

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