The 8 questions in the risk assessment questionnaire have been designed to appropriately measure your risk tolerance.

To help select an investment strategy that is consistent with the way you respond to risk, we have calculated your risk tolerance profile based on your responses to this questionnaire. The completed questionnaire will assist us in placing you into the appropriate risk category.

The higher your risk tolerance profile, the more likely you will be willing to take higher levels of risk when making financial decisions and accept greater volatility in your investments.

The questionnaire analyses 5 different risk measures in order to better understand your overall risk profile:

Perception: How you perceive your risk behaviour

Risk v Reward: How you view the trade-off between risk and return

Future change: Whether you are likely to be more or less risk tolerant in the future

Actual behaviour: How you actually behave when investing

Time Horizon: If you are investing for short or longer term

It is our policy to protect our clients’ confidentiality and meet our statutory obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2018. We obtain personal information from you in order that our employees and support service providers can advise you on financial products, which we believe are best suited to your needs, and to comply with our legal obligations. We will not share these details with any third parties. You can have access to the data that we hold about you at any stage on request.


Please fill in this form as well as you can.

There is a 50:50 chance that the investment will decrease in value, in which case you will end up with the amount shown in the dark blue left-hand semicircle. Likewise there is a 50:50 chance that it will increase in value, in which case you will end up with the amount shown in the light blue right-hand semicircle.

For example, Investment A will always result in you ending up with your original sum of €20,000, whilst investment F will result in you either getting back €14,000 or €52,000.

As you go from A to F your expected return increases but so does your risk.

Please indicate (below all the charts) which investment you would prefer.


Please fill in this form as well as you can.

Portfolio A doubled its value over the period, but it made big gains in some years, and suffered big losses in other years. Portfolio D grew by a much smaller amount, but it was steady from year to year. Portfolios B & C are intermediate between A and D both in their overall growth and in year to year fluctuations.

The question should only be considered in the context of your overall assessment of risk tolerance because PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT A GUIDE TO FUTURE PERFORMANCE. You should not use information about the past to make decisions about the future.

However, considering your personal circumstances and reasons for investing (pension), which portfolio would you choose for the future?


Sustainable investing includes investing in companies whose practices and products are conscious of environmental topics like climate change and water usage, and social matters like labour rights and fair wages.

Neutral - I don’t have any specific preference and I’m happy to proceed with Acumen & Trusts approach to responsible investment.
Aware - Sustainability is important to me and I would like the environmental and social impact of my investment to be considered.
Focused - Sustainability is a fundamental goal for me; in addition to considering the impact of my investments, I would want to invest some or all of my money in companies that are only involved in sustainable business activities.


What's my risk profile?