Start Early – Funding your pension feature in Sunday Independent

Start Early – Funding your pension feature in Sunday Independent

In case you missed it, Áine McGroarty, one of our financial planning consultants, featured in Sunday’s Independent newspaper on 21st October 2018 in the section all about Your Pension.

The article focuses on actions you can take now to help take control of your pension savings.

Áine gave great practical advice, saying that the most basic principle is to start early.  According to a recent study the SSGA Global Retirement Reality Report, many people feel they should have saved earlier in their lives and they should have saved more than they actually did. Áine advises to start asking questions and seek information from appropriate and reliable sources about your pension, not to just put your head in the sand when it comes to planning for your future.

Another simple thing, is that if you are an employee and a pension scheme is provided by your employer, make sure you join.  That way you can avail of employer contributions towards your pension savings and every little helps.

At Acumen & Trust we have developed a bespoke financial planning tool, our Lifetime Program, which provides you with a complete picture of your finances and roadmap to financial security.  We put you in the picture, so you’ll know if you need to take action now to ensure your pension savings will serve you long into your retirement.

Don’t put it off, talk to us today so that you can understand whether you will have adequate pension savings when you retire!